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In 2022, FiberStar distributed donations to earthquake victims in Cianjur. In addition, FiberStar also held an iftar together at the Mizan Amanah Orphanage, Cidodol, and shared the goodness of Christmas by distributing donations to the Pondok Kasih AGP Orphanage.


On December 9, 2022, FAST provided assistance in the form of 300 boxes of KFC packages distributed to the Cianjur earthquake victims. In addition, FAST also provided basic food for the community and employees.


In 2022, Indomaret back to hold entrepreneurship training activity entitled “Selalu Berkreasi & Inovasi Menuju UMKM Naik Kelas” in 39 cities/regencies with a total of 3,900 MSME participants. On the social aspect, Indomaret provided disaster assistance in the form of platoon tents, basic food, food and medicine for residents affected by natural disasters (earthquakes, floods & eruptions) in 21 district cities, and distributed assistance in the form of ambulances to Asahan Regency. In the health pillar, Indomaret provided free medical services to 12,750 toddlers and 1,050 elderly people at a number of Integrated Healthcare Center (posyandu) spread across 21 cities/regencies. Then in the education pillar, Indomaret has renovated 17 Elementary Schools (SD) and provided educational funding assistance to 425 outstanding students from underprivileged families.

Sari Roti

In 2022, through the “Sari Roti Peduli” program, ROTI distributed Sari Roti products to Hidayatul Qur’an Islamic Boarding School in Kragilan, Serang, Banten and distributed assistance to Sari Roti employees and partners who were affected by the earthquake in Cianjur



Through the FiberStar Peduli program, FiberStar continues to help and make a real contribution to victims of natural disasters. This year, FiberStar contributed to helping victims of floods in South Kalimantan and victims of earthquake in West Sulawesi, as well as helping victims of the eruption of Mount Semeru. The aid distributed through the FiberStar Peduli program is expected to have a beneficial impact on the survival of the victims affected by the disaster.

FiberStar also had the opportunity to provide Fiber Optic training for SMK Putra Anda Binjai in the FiberStar Goes to School program. Through this program, schools that receive fiber optic training can learn more about fiber optics from the experts at FiberStar

Through the Peduli COVID-19 (COVID-19 Care) program and through its subsidiary FiberStar in cooperation with APJII Riau, the Company donated food packages to the communities in need. In addition, FiberStar also distributed masks and disinfectants to partners (in Neighborhood and Citizens Associations/RT-RW, and Housing Compounds).
The FiberStar Peduli (Care) program, implemented in times of COVID-19 pandemic, can provide bene ts for the sustainability of the community’s life impacted by the pandemic. The Company also assisted and supported government e orts in preventing the spread of the virus in surrounding areas.
In 2019, the Company implemented a social and community development program in the forms of providing school renovation assistance as well as scholarships for high achieving students at SMAN 2 Tangerang City. In addition, the Company through FiberStar also implemented the philanthropic assistance program through the FiberStar Peduli movement. FiberStar contributed in providing assistance for victims of natural disaster, such as the tsunami disaster in Banten. Assistance provided include ready to wear clothing, food, drink, daily necessities, as well as medicines. In addition, through the same program, FiberStar also channeled assistance in the form of education funds provision at the Parapattan Orphanage, as well as assistance for communities with special needs, in collaboration with the Kopi Panas Foundation.
In 2018, the Company implemented a social and community development program through a scholarship program for outstanding and also a school renovation that was implemented on December 13, 2018 at Ketapang Elementary School, Cipondoh, Tangerang. The company provides scholarships to 15 outstanding students and also distributed donation for school renovations with a total to these two programs worth Rp118 million.
In 2017, the Company carried out the social and community development program by rennovating SDN Negeri 1 Cibuah, Warung Gunung, Lebak Banten. By distributing donation for renovation worth Rp100 million in the form of school renovation construction and school supplies, this Company’s CSR program is dedicated to the education world, which aims to foster a representative world of education with the conditions of global progress nowadays. The renovation of school building was expected to bring a comfortable, safe and clean school environment for students and teachers.