PT. Dyviacom Intrabumi was established on November16, 1995. In September 1996 Dyviacom officially became one of the players in Internet Service Provider (ISP) under the brand name DNET.



November 21, 2000, the Company made an initial public offering of 64 million shares at Rp250 per share on Jakarta Stock Exchange, which has now been merged into the Indonesia Stock Exchange.



On May 24, 2013, the Company conducted Limited Public Offering I (LPO I) by issuing Preemptive Rights (HMETD) of 14 billion shares. Proceeds of LPO amounted to Rp7 trillion has been realized by the Company to invest in 3 (three) companies operating in retail, fast food restaurants and food industries. The Company was also renamed PT Indoritel Makmur Internasional Tbk. to better its new business focus..



The company established a new company named PT Indoritel Persada Nusantara ("IPN") Through IPN, the Company made an investment in a fiber optic network develover, PT Mega Akses Persada to provide communication infrastructure through out Indonesia.



Approval on the amendment to Article 3 of the Company’s Articles of Association concerning the Purpose and Objectives and Business activities, in order to fulfill the requirements and provisions of Government Regulation No. 24 of 2018 concerning Electronically Integrated Business Licensing Services.



FiberStar Succeeded in deploying 36,855 km of optical cable with Home Passed achievements of 1,359,601 Home Passed that have been built which spread across 135 cities throuhtout Indonesia.



Not even a decade of operation, FiberStar succeeded in deploying 43,918 km of fiber optic cable with achievements of 1,831,541 home passed that have built which spread across 135 cities thorughout Indonesia.